A company or organization that has learning and development consultants using many different eLearning layouts, templates, or no templates creates an inconsistent experience for the learner. This can cause issues with content not working properly with the LMS. In addition, without a standard approach, the overall brand or look required by the company or organization is not applied correctly, or at all.

Participants in this case-study session will learn how Wells Fargo formed a group to create eLearning standards that all business lines participated in setting and agreed to use. The standards cover everything from grammar usage to audio to user interface. You’ll learn how standards were set and how eLearning templates were created. (All templates and standards incorporated the new Wells Fargo brand.) You’ll learn how they implemented the materials and communicated them to learning and development professionals across the company. You’ll get best practices for applying a brand to eLearning standards and templates and see a demo of the Style Guide Website created to hold all standards and templates.

In this session, you will learn:
  • How to form a company team to develop and implement eLearning standards
  • How to create templates that work for a large company or organization
  • Best practices for incorporating a brand and working with the brand or marketing team
  • How to implement and communicate eLearning standards and templates
  • How to provide access to the standards and templates for all learning and development professionals
Audience: Novice to intermediate participants with a basic understanding of how to develop eLearning solutions.