Self-study can be boring. Insurance can be boring. However, because the insurance industry can be complicated and cumbersome, Travelers’ employees complete years of training, most of which is moving to asynchronous formats. The training must be interesting, engaging, and interactive to keep employees motivated to continue their training. This timed game was developed to motivate learners to want to revisit the material. Using Lectora, a developer can create games with little to no programming background or experience. Developers with programming experience can use this model as a jumping-off point for even more immersive activities.

In this practical, tech-based session, participants will learn the tangible steps you can take to reach learners with a CBT game. You’ll learn many variations to the game, including question format, number of clues and rounds, amount of time given to answer each question, etc.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use Lectora Action Groups to execute a series of events in defined order
  • How to leverage grouping and layering elements for efficiency and control
  • How to build immersive interactions in Lectora without programming or coding
  • Tips and tricks for keeping track of object metadata, and for testing variable values during development
Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, team leaders, and managers who have had some exposure to Lectora (any version) or comparable development tool.