Find all of the handouts from DevLearn 2023 sessions here.

102: BYOD: Introduction to Gaming Elements in Storyline

John Moore

103: Generating Retention and Transfer: Deeper Learning Science

Clark Quinn

104: Leading Quality Management for eLearning Products

Hadiya Nuriddin

105: What Can Instructional Design Programs Learn from Michelin-Star Kitchens?

Brooke Winston

107: Turning Data into Insights that Drive Strategy at Fannie Mae

Alexa Krezel,  Ismael Lara,  Madeline Holiman

108: VR & AR for Behavior Change

Julie Dirksen

111: Digital Literacy for All: An Innovative Program in Healthcare Organizations

Caroline van der Heuvel,  Conny van der Nol

201: BYOD: Automating Content Development with OpenAI's ChatGPT

Christina Nilsen

203: Using Video Game Tutorials to Jumpstart eLearning Design

Daniece Rainville

205: L&D and the Start-Up: A Misunderstanding

April Petrey

206: Engaging Busy Subject Matter Experts

Colleen Fleming,  Emily Hoffmann

207: Love the One You're With: Rocking the Tools You Already Have

Bianca Baumann

208: Turning Your Learning Data into Compelling and Impactful Stories

Ravena Ramphal

209: Designing for Virtual Reality

Debbie Richards

210: What Video Games Can Teach L&D About Crafting Effective Scenarios & Sims

Bianca Woods

211: Building a Business Case for Workflow Learning

Bob Mosher,  Einar Schow

212: Crash Course in Visual Design Part II

Connie Malamed

302: BYOD: Mastering Microlearning: Crafting a Plan for Impactful Implementation

Carla Torgerson

304: How We Made an Immersive Empathy Simulation - Fast, Cheap, Award-Winning

Christopher Beeson,  Katy Kunst

307: Utilizing Innovative Learning Solutions to Enhance New Hire Performance

Keisha Nelson,  Phalon Clowers

310: What Fully Adaptive Learning, Delivered Through AI, Looks Like

Markus Bernhardt

311: How to Create an Engaging Game-Based Training Experience

Mallori Steele,  Shonda Hodge

312: A True Workflow Learning Solution Requires a Digital Coach

Alfred Remmits,  Bob Mosher

402: BYOD: Virtual Training: Master the Tech, Engage Participants!

Kassy LaBorie

404: Maximizing Training Transfer through Results-driven Design

Elham Arabi

405: Beyond Instructional Design: Developing Learning Architectures that Anchor ID/LXD in Business Transformation

Frank Nguyen

406: Five Things I Wish I'd Known BEFORE an LMS Implementation

Heidi Matthews

407: Accessibility for eLearning: Quick and Easy Techniques to Apply Right Away

Lindsay O'Neill

408: Don't Just Give Me All the Data: Align KPIs with xAPI

Jason Haag

409: Participatory Design: A Collaborative Approach to VR Training

Kristin Torrence,  Rachael Mueller

410: The Future of L&D with AI Chat: Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges

Calen Fitzsimmons,  Carie Whitehead

411: Using Gamification for Responsive eLearning Engagement

Dakota Thomas-Wilhelm,  Nina Hopkins

412: Can't Personalize? Then Contextualize!

Marjan Bradesko

505: Using Learning Cohorts to Improve Learner Engagement and Retention

Julio Montalvo,  Lucas Stidham

512: Alchemy & Elves - Combine Play and Learning to Make Gold!

Alicia Seguin,  Jeri Dow

513: Creating Microlearning for Marketing

Nick Gogno

601: BYOD: Creating Engaging eLearning with Visuals

Jenny Saucerman

602: BYOD: Creating Storyboards for Animated Explainer Videos

Derek Robinson

604: Using Your Existing Tools to Increase Learner Engagement

Jessica Briskin,  Karl Kapp

605: Get the Yes to Add Emerging Tech to your Learning Toolbox

Mike Simmons

606: Personalized Support That Elevates Performance

Dianna Smith,  John Foley

607: Stay Agile with eLearning Project Management using Jira + Confluence

Christina May,  Tania Flagg

608: Implementing xAPI: A Case Study for Beginners

Sarah Mercier

611: Using an Experiential Learning Design Model to Drive Behavioral Change

Graham Cook

612: Leveraging Microlearning with Chatbots on Teams and Slack

Vince Han

613: Create Videos for eLearning Using PowerPoint

Richard Goring

701: BYOD: Streamlining Learning Data Analytics with Power Automate and Power BI

Sandie Dela Cruz

704: No Camera? No Microphone? No Talent? NO PROBLEM!

Mark Stauffer

706: Harnessing the Power of AI to Develop Scenarios

Jennifer Foster

707: Transform Your Game Design with Sanderson's Laws of Magic

Jennifer Yaros

708: Quick Tips for Using Stock Graphics in eLearning Courses

Pooja Jaisingh

709: Adding VR Simulations to Virtual Classes

Cindy Huggett

710: Use Marketers' Maneuvers: Microlearning That Sticks

Danielle Wallace

801: BYOD: Training Cohorts Built in TEAMS

Derek Croad

802: From Conventional to Exceptional: Reimagining your L&D Strategy

Melissa Griffin

803: Creating a Feedback Loop: Using Data to Enhance Your Training

Cathy Hamilton,  Samantha Reynolds

804: Little-known PowerPoint Techniques for Next-level Presentations

Sarah Gillam

806: Solving the VR Content Conundrum

Greg Scott

807: From Theory to Practice: Implementing Universal Design in Your Organization

Yvonne Urra-Bazain

808: Better Audio and Video on a Budget

William Everhart

809: SMEs Say the Darndest Things: Leading Productive Conversations with SMEs

Kali Maginity

810: Navigating Common Learning Standards: How to Stay Out of Trouble

Chris Tompkins,  Joe Donnelly

811: Create Great Learning Results with the Power of Personas

Jill Stanton