Traditional classroom and formal learning methods are fast becoming impractical. Formal courses often don’t address retention, students don’t always get to apply their learning right away, and performance on the job is lacking. Many employees are experiencing information overload. Add to that higher-than-ever employee turnover. The challenge for learning leaders is getting employees to quickly become effective in their jobs with less reliance on memorization and retention.

Many organizations are taking a serious look at learning in the flow of work to address these challenges. This session explores the complexities involved in preparing learners and teams for this massive shift. We’ll start out with a brief look at the general changes a shift to workflow learning and its impact on your learners. Finally, we’ll look at the impact on the learning workforce: upskilling, shifting responsibilities, dealing with objections and doubts, and preparing the story. You’ll leave with a checklist of needs to consider and address to enhance your success in adoption!

In this session, you will learn:

  • The takeaways and considerations for a shift from traditional to modern workflow learning
  • How to prepare your students for a different way of learning
  • How to prepare your team for a shift in how they develop and deliver training
  • To determine what learning needs to transition and what can stay