The demand to develop and reskill employees can be stressful for growing organizations. During growth, teams become more diverse and geographically distributed, putting more pressure on the manager to deliver results and develop people. This can often result in countless opportunities for development to pile up as there is simply too much to learn and not enough time for formal learning to meet all of the reskilling needs.

Through our research and experimentation, the McKinsey Learning Research and Innovation Lab has determined how modernizing apprenticeship can unlock learning opportunities at scale and democratize skill building in ways that formal programs cannot. This approach requires an organization to distribute apprenticeship, which removes hierarchal and top-down learning models and creates a shared responsibility for everyone to be a teacher and learner. In this session, we will share our insights and failures, but primarily we will focus on helping you apply a few critical dimensions in your organization.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Influence senior leaders through experimentation
  • Teach the invisible so it's visible
  • Build foundational apprenticeship skills
  • Embed practices into the flow of work