Many designers create video-based content without considering how to leverage a video into other forms of media. Your audience will consume your message in various formats based upon where they are in the learning journey, their preferred method for consuming instructional content, and the learning environment. What if there was a proven workflow that could plan video, audio, image, and text-based outputs that aligned to your audience's needs?

In this session you will learn how to plan your video production to produce various media derivatives that will support the different stages of a learning journey. You'll experience how to take a single video and create transcripts, job aids, images for print, podcasts, and more.The process begins by investigating all the potential outputs that are required for your audience and their learning journeys, and then putting in place a cohesive media production plan with a single video as the foundation. Next, you will experience the steps required to transform one piece of instructional media into another, and important format considerations along the way.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The opportunity when creating an instructional media derivative plan
  • How to create text-based outputs from a video
  • How to leverage a single video into a job aid
  • Why a video can be a great starting point for an audio podcast

Technology discussed:

Video, Camtasia, Storyline, Adobe InDesign