A virtual training hero is a learning and development professional that seemingly possesses superpowers—abilities beyond what's expected, easily engaging an online audience. They use their powers to make virtual learning more effective, protecting learners and their experiences from common nemeses like fear, technical problems, and organizational disbelief. Some heroes derive their status by using advanced technology while others practice skillful virtual design and facilitation techniques to achieve their successes. In this session we'll reveal the secrets to becoming exceptionally skilled and successful virtual learning professionals, aka "heroes." And you know what? It actually doesn't take superhuman powers to do it!

This session will be full of examples attendees can use immediately. While we demo the activities and processes, I'll share stories of application and experience with the many people I have trained virtually over the last two decades. Attendees will participate, analyze, and reflect upon the examples and processes shared. We'll discuss not only reactions but also the technical details and instructions involved in the making and delivering of each example. Following that, we'll spend time sharing how they will use these examples in their own training, and in what ways they would make adjustments for their content and audiences.  Attendees will learn the secrets to becoming a virtual training hero!

In this session, you will learn:

  • Three ready-to-use virtual learning activity examples
  • A "never fail" debrief strategy to reflect on, validate, and encourage learning
  • A job aid to assist you to make your own virtual learning activities
  • Many ways to defeat the virtual training villains of fear, technical problems, and organizational disbelief

Technology discussed:

Zoom, Webex, Teams, Adobe Connect, PowerPoint, Padlet, Mentimeter