In an ever-changing world, learning and development as a practice has to evolve to adapt to the realities of quickly changing digital environments. I'll share the journey from training to true learning that our organization is on, and the five key elements of our learning strategy.

In this session you'll learn how five core elements of your learning strategy can connect with the desires of your employees and affect the performance of an organization. You'll learn about how the games industry is continuously on a digital transformation journey and highly technical skill development is the key to remaining competitive in a highly competitive environment. You will discover how a focus on improving the employee  experience can unlock monumental performance in re-imagining how games are made.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the games industry is evolving
  • About the challenges organizations face in keeping pace with the speed of change
  • How you can connect with your employees in identifying skills of the future
  • How you can implement a strategy in developing a culture of learning

Technology discussed:

Employee surveys, business intelligence tools (Power Bi), annual employee reports, community engagement (Slack, Zoom, etc.)