As a designer have you ever stepped back and realized that the immersive, bootcamp-style onboarding that once felt cutting edge no longer meets the needs of your learners or the business? We did, too.

In this session you'll hear about our journey from bootcamp-style onboarding to a scalable, 12-week, global program through the use of communication platforms such as Constant Contact, Slack, and SharePoint. You'll learn how leveraging these communication platforms can help establish the behaviors you want by incorporating information and education into the systems employees will continue to use on a daily basis to get their work done. You'll see how the use of drip campaign communications improves global scalability to ensure information is consistent, timely, and meets the needs of the new employee as well as their manager. We'll share how rethinking the new employee schedule allows for stronger connection between the new hire, their manager, and their team. We'll share how applying an intentional weekly focus throughout your onboarding program helps your learner receive information that is more appropriately timed to their onboarding journey and enriches the experience with more culture building opportunities. We'll demonstrate how the addition of a couple key resources can allow for more autonomy to better support learners who prefer to move at their own pace. You'll also hear about the challenges we faced along the way and how we continue to evolve our approach.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How segmenting content over time allows for stronger culture-driven education in a simplified and timely manner
  • How structured learning campaigns create consistent and reliable experiences for a globally distributed workforce
  • Why using company communication tools helps meet employees where they are in their working environment
  • How treating your hiring managers as a key consumer of your onboarding experience enhances the connection between the new employee and their manager
  • How we continue to evolve to stay relevant with simple modifications

Technology discussed:

Constant Contact, Slack, Donut (Slack integrated product), SharePoint