While having extensive knowledge about research and theories in learning science, many learning professionals find it challenging to put research into practice. The key is using a combination of learning design principles that yield better results, however another challenge is collaboration with stakeholders who might need convincing to move away from commonly used learning myths and adopt an evidence-based research approach.

In this session you will learn clear steps to bridge research and practice. These steps will help you build partnership with your stakeholders to explore effective strategies for performance improvement or training design. You'll also explore a blend of evidence-based learning principles that can enhance your training design. You'll leave the session with the ability to nudge a shift of mindset in your stakeholders, and with a new learning design approach that encapsulates several frameworks and learning design principles in one.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to bridge research and practice
  • How to get the stakeholders' buy-in for using evidence-based learning experience design
  • Which frameworks and principles can be combined to design a training program
  • How to use implementation science in your day-to-day work

Technology discussed:

PPT, online polling