Today's virtual reality experiences involve taking full control of the user's senses to create a totally immersive experience that places the user in a fully virtual environment. This fully immersive environment needs to allow us to assess the learner. Any of the virtual reality experiences should be designed for the learner to receive tangible learning results that ultimately can be measured, assessed, and scored. The problem is that most online learning developers have yet to get really involved in designing immersive virtual reality experiences and will have a hard time applying traditional 7 methods to create the assessment components in a virtual environment. How to design assessments in an immersive virtual reality environment is a vast departure from any of the traditional assessment designs.

In this session you‚Äôll learn the concept of assessments in an immersive virtual reality environment. We‚Äôll outline the types of learner assessment data available in virtual reality and answer the question of what decision data components are: Did the learner chose the correct answer / action to a challenge / question posed in virtual reality? Was the learner able to point out shortcomings, mistakes and / or safety hazards in a virtual environment?  We‚Äôll outline all the immersive data components, which includes learner movement and behavior. The assessment will tell how quickly and expertly the learner completed the assessment. The session will also look at how to create practical assessments in the virtual world that will provide comprehensive data that is an accurate representation of how a learner would perform in a real-world environment. For the last part, we‚Äôll focus on application and show practical examples of virtual reality assessments for the decision, immersive data, and practical environments.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What the concept of assessments in virtual reality entails
  • What types of learner assessment data is available in virtual reality
  • What virtual reality assessment decision data is
  • What virtual reality assessment immersive data is
  • Practical assessments in a virtual reality environment
  • The practical application of assessments in a virtual environment

Technology discussed:

Virtual reality