KEYNOTE: Learning in the New Normal

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DevLearn 2021 Conference & Expo - October 20, 2021

John Medina

Brain Scientist & Author
Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving at Work, Home, and School

The emergence of COVID-19 disrupted the world of work in ways that most of us never expected. While the reopening of offices may on the surface appear to be a return to normal, supporting people through this change presents an entirely new set of challenges. How do we successfully transition from supporting people working mostly at home to supporting the work and learning of a hybrid workforce?

In the opening keynote for DevLearn 2021, we welcome brain scientist John Medina for an exploration of insights from the behavioral sciences that can make this transition remarkably easy—all without losing productivity. This practical keynote describes those insights; with topics ranging from change resistance and social awkwardness, to dealing with grief and loss. The bottom line? The human brain doesn't like transitions but becomes remarkably good at them if certain behavioral principles are obeyed. Join us for a fascinating journey into the inner workings of the human brain, filled with Dr. Medina's trademark humor and enthusiasm.

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