This past year we've delivered more virtual instructor-led training sessions and webinars than perhaps we ever wanted. We know how to do it, where to click, and how to appear on camera, but do we know how to make the training effective and something that will continue to impact learning results? Online meeting technology is incredible, but it doesn't create results by itself: It simply brings us together. So, what's next?

In this session, you'll learn how to take the virtual training sessions you've been delivering to the next level, identifying what more you can do to create and support an engaging learning environment. We'll begin with a discussion about the basic mistakes we continue to make that are keeping us from advancing our experiences. This helps us to clearly define a path forward and begin to take learning activities to another level. We'll examine why we need to do more than be on camera and rely upon verbal responses from participants. We're leaving too much on the table if we expect the webcam and the audio to be the answer to all engagement. We'll also explore the role your voice plays in creating learning environments that support and encourage people. Monotone trainers and presenters who lecture and demo for long periods of time are missing out on important learning opportunities. How we choose to use our voices determines how people feel about contributing to the learning experience. Finally, we'll examine and practice all of the concepts discussed and also analyze the way we are debriefing, responding to, and ultimately listening to our participants. By using these strategies not only will you advance your virtual training skills, but you'll be also a better in-person trainer and presenter as well!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to define advanced or next-level virtual classroom training skills
  • Ways to design learning activities that use more features than the webcam and chat
  • How to use your voice to create an engaging and supportive learning environment
  • Techniques for debriefing learning in ways that provoke reflection and application

Technology discussed in this session:

Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Teams, Any VILT platform