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DevLearn 2021 Conference & Expo - October 22, 2021

Matthew Pierce

Learning & Video Ambassador

There is a lot of advice about video out on the internet. A lot of it's really good, some of it is garbage, and a lot is in-between. Some of it doesn't apply because it's specific to a genre of video that will be hosted on YouTube. Some of it you have to pick though 10 minutes to find the nuggets of good advice. And because information is all over the place and not always focused on creating good instruction/learning content, it can sometimes get individuals focused on the wrong concepts or ideas.

Put the search term 'Instructional Video' into Google, and you'll get over 110,000,000 pages worth of information. That's a lot of potential information to sort through and determine which advice is going to be most helpful. While it's impossible go through all of those pages, you don't have to. During this session we'll provide best practices, tips, and ideas about creating instructional videos by pulling information and strategies from relevant scientific literature about instructional videos, interviews with learning professionals using video in their learning offerings, and the presenter's experience with over 15 years of instructional video creation, while also exploring your own tips, advice, and experience as well. The session will focus on making sure that the ideas are practical and actionable, allowing anyone to take away information to empower them to use video more wisely and effectively in their designs and programs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to determine the appropriate video length
  • Why music and/or extra visuals can distract viewers and negatively impact learning
  • Some of the common mistakes made in creating instructional videos and how to avoid/prevent them
  • Practical tips and advice to help create more effective videos


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