When You Can't Do It All: Coaching SMEs to Help Design Quality Training

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DevLearn 2021 Conference & Expo - October 22, 2021

Carie Whitehead

Instructional Designer

Many of us wear multiple hats and are a team of one or part of a small team. Others design and develop technical content for which we are in no way an expert. We team with SMEs who end up designing their own instruction. This often leads to "Death by PowerPoint" or other poor practices. But what if you could coach a SME to provide content based on instructional design principles without putting in a lot of extra effort?

In this session, you will join me on a journey from frustration to success, experiencing the 'ah-ha' moments and changes that turned this experience around. As the session progresses, you will learn how to guide subject matter experts to utilize instructional design processes and principles without teaching them to be full-blown instructional designers. You'll see before and after examples and learn about the turning points, as well as the not-so-successful choices I made. Suggestions will be divided into three categories: Planning templates, Agile project management techniques, and coaching strategies. You will leave this session with techniques and documents that you can adapt to use with your stakeholders.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why SMEs resist and how to coach them into partnering for quality
  • How to coach SMEs on the value of a systematic approach to designing and developing training
  • How to use an instructional template to guide SMEs to writing learning objectives and assessment questions
  • How to use an instructional template to help SMEs create a storyboard that is ready for an instructional developer
  • How to apply Agile project management to the design and development of on-demand / self-paced learning
  • Tips and tricks for guiding SMEs to design visual instructional elements that encourage learning

Technology discussed in this session:

Microsoft Office Documents (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), Articulate Storyline 360


You do not have access to these files. Please log in or join with a free membership to download these files.

You do not have access to these files. Please log in or join with a free membership to download these files.


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