Does 5G Change eLearning: Going Past the Hype

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DevLearn 2021 Conference & Expo - October 22, 2021

Phil Cowcill

Senior eLearning Specialist
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There is a lot of information surrounding new cell technology 5G. If we want to see what is going to happen in education, we often look at what the consumer is currently doing. Education usually follows the consumer's path. However, there is a lot of technological data out there surrounding 5G. There is also a plethera of false information. So not only is sometimes understanding the technology hard, it's hard to know what is correct. From all the information out there, we then need to isolate what impact, if any, this technology will have on our courses.

In this session you will get a basic understanding of the technology, without all the geek terminology. You'll learn the difference between 5G Macro and 5G Small Cell towers and their impact. The technology review also includes looking into the health concerns of 5G and how consumers are addressing this issue. Once a basic understanding of the technology is in place, you will be shown how it is currently being used in the consumer market. We will also explore what 5G means to learners in rural or remote areas. By reviewing how the consumer is using 5G technology, we can anticipate the impact on learning. This will not only impact delivery of AR and VR, but also in how information is stored. You will leave this session not only with a better grasp of what 5G can and can't do, but you'll feel better moving forward with your learning and development plans.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How 5G technology is configured in cities
  • How 5G technology is configured in rural areas
  • The basics of how this new cell signal works
  • What are the health risks with 5G technology
  • How consumers are currently using 5G at home
  • How this technology may impact your learning development

Technology discussed in this session:

5G signals, 5G devices, 5G Macro and Small Cell towers, AR/VR, storage


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