4 Learning Platform Trends To Know When Navigating the Learning Ecosystem

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2020 - March 31, 2020

Randy Jones

Vice President of Business Development & Strategy
eThink Education

It can be daunting to navigate the rapid changes and new technologies, trends, and strategies positioned to help L&D professionals reach their learning ecosystem goals. Additionally, most learning professionals today wear multiple hats, making it even more difficult to find the time to keep current on all the developments in the industry.

But not to fear! In this session, you’ll explore the main learning platform trends to be aware of that will keep your training program moving in the right direction—on the path to sustained performance and employee success. We'll explain the emerging trends in corporate eLearning and how you can incorporate them into your corporate learning programs, including the evolving role of the LMS, embracing a best-of-breed learning strategy, utilizing analytics and reporting, and the importance of a service heavy model. You’ll leave the session with a summary of the key things you need to know about learning platform trends right now.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How different technologies can work together to enhance the learning experience
  • Why building a successful ecosystem involves choosing an LMS that does not restrict you when it comes to plugins, integrations, and customizations but instead can seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of eLearning solutions
  • About a new breed of learning tools, including LXPs and LRSs, along with traditional learning tools like video and microlearning
  • Ways to seamlessly incorporate a variety of learning tools into your LMS and how using an open-source learning platform can make this task easier
  • How to use advanced, customizable reporting to make data-driven decisions, identify top-performing individuals, proactively anticipate learner needs, and provide key stakeholders with real-time insight into training program success
  • Tips on how to evaluate LMS providers by looking at certifications, upgrade policies, customization options, training opportunities, and integrations, as well as explain why these components are important when identifying a partner


Managers, senior leaders

Technology discussed:



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