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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 24, 2019

Rhonda Greenway

Corporate Programs Manager
International Youth Foundation

Has one of your organizational eLearning investments been met with mixed reviews or low uptake from learners? Perhaps you're moving to mobile content for the first time, or expanding into a new international market where you don't have on-the-ground presence. Too often we plan, develop, and implement in a vacuum because we believe we don't have the financial resources to conduct targeted user research. Budget constraints keep us focused on solving problems and adjusting with our solutions rather than designing for different cultures, technology levels, and genders. To address the training needs of our audience, delight them with our content, and drive repeat engagement, it's critical we involve them in the process and leverage low-cost tools to make that happen throughout the process.

In this session you’ll hear how a non-profit organization and a video game start-up got creative with their user experience (UX) strategy to ensure user feedback drives the development of a mobile-optimized, game-based course built for the US, Mexico, India, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. You'll learn how the International Youth Foundation (IYF) utilized affordable strategies for engaging end-users throughout the design and production process using tools such as Facebook and Instagram-hosted social pulse polling, crowd-sourced beta testing, behavioral insights, user personas, and focus group discussions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To maximize your UX budget by anticipating key user engagement moments throughout an agile design plan
  • User-first design strategies for content creation that will work for your learner demographics, such as focus group discussions, usability testing, user persona creation, and social pulse polling
  • How to unpack your user personas to target a digital audience via social pulse polling on Facebook and Instagram
  • Why research and UX design are critical components of the eLearning process


Designers, developers, managers    

Technology discussed:

Ads Manager for Facebook and Instagram, Cornerstone OnDemand, Phaser 3, Google Forms


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