Working Toward Minimum Viable Product in LXD: What, When, and How

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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 25, 2019

Michael Jones

Learning Experience Designer

You've received a request for training support on a new initiative. It's high-profile, mission-critical, and must be launched on time. But the tool/process won't be ready until the same day your training needs to go live. There's no option for pushing back the launch. What do you do?  Well, you can panic, get angry, or get to work. Enter the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)—normally used for software development and other Agile development processes—but an approach that can also be useful for learning. 

In this session, you’ll discover how to use an MVP approach with your learning experience design. You’ll look into what a learning MVP is, and what it isn't. You’ll investigate when it makes sense to use this approach, how to build buy-in from stakeholders, and what strategies can help you implement it. You’ll also walk through a case-study where this approach was used to roll out a new software tool, and discover practical tips for how to apply insights from that project to your own.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What a training MVP is, and what it isn't
  • How to identify when an MVP is best suited for a problem
  • Ways to iterate for the MVP launch and beyond, all the way to final product
  • How to develop contingency plans for when things go wrong
  • Tips for setting expectations with stakeholders, sponsors, and learners
  • How to build relationships and gain fans through the MVP process
  • How the MVP can fit into your larger learning experience design strategy


Designers, developers, managers

Technology discussed:

Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Articulate Storyline, Slack, knowledge management platforms


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