KEYNOTE: Artificial Intelligence and Learning: A Robot’s Point of View

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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 23, 2019

Sophia The Robot

Advanced Humanoid
Hanson Robotics

The world of work is rapidly changing. Technology is a driving force of these changes, and what workplaces look like in the future will be very different. Three primary drivers of these changes are increased automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics. But the future is difficult to predict, and it seems every person has a different opinion on how things are changing. But there’s one opinion that has yet to be heard—that of the robot itself.

In this fascinating opening keynote you’ll explore the changing nature of work through the mechanical eyes of one of the most well-known robots on the planet: Sophia. Sophia will share her perspectives on how robots will be intertwined in our everyday lives and the world of work. She’ll also be the personification of the future, using artificial intelligence to engage in a live interview as DevLearn’s first-ever robot keynote.

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