The Actual Reality of VR and AR: Cognition and Experiences

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Realities360 2019 Conference - June 25, 2019

Clark Quinn

Executive Director

VR and AR have been around for a while, and the good news is they’re getting easier to do. The bad news is that it’s easier to do the wrong things! Remember PowerPoint presentations in Second Life? Don’t be that person. While there are some compelling examples now showing us the way, we want to make sure we’re doing what makes sense and not missing any opportunities. 

In this session we’ll review the fundamentals of how we learn, with a particular focus on our interactions with reality. Then we’ll look at the core capabilities that are offered by virtual and augmented reality technology. Finally, we’ll derive prescriptions for what makes sense in each environment, and what doesn’t. We’ll look both at what we can do now, and what’s coming. So if you’re merely exploring the idea of immersive technologies for learning, have just began your work in this space, or you’re looking to assess your direction thus far, come learn more about the real power of realities for accelerating organizational success.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How what we perceive becomes what we know
  • The cognitive elements that make reality-based learning successful
  • How to design reality-altering experiences that lead to learning (and how not to)


Designers, developers, managers, project managers, directors


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