Better Than the Real Thing: VR Learning Surpassing Real-world Training

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Realities360 2019 Conference - June 25, 2019

Nicole Bunselmeyer

L&D Practice Lead

Rachel Lanham


Imagine if your GPS took you to the wrong location once out of every 10 uses. Now imagine paying tens of thousands of dollars for this mistake. What started as a learning solution for waiters seating guests and delivering meals to wrong tables in an ultra-luxury, fine dining venue became a quest for a learning experience superior to real-world training. Could we do it?

In this session, we'll explore the challenges of deciding when VR is the best learning solution, design considerations to ensure your immersive training drives desired behavior change, how to focus end content to meet learning objectives, and tips to make your VR learning program more than a gimmick or novelty. We'll frame the presentation around the Seabourn table numbers project, and how solving these issues helped us create a learning solution superior to real-world training.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The importance of developer/designer partnership, and how to leverage the expertise of both
  • The kinds of questions to ask at the beginning to set up a project for success
  • How you can drive both innovation and efficiency using VR
  • Tips for writing VR learning objectives, and how to develop a measurement strategy that blends both the designer and developer prospective
  • How to avoid "shiny object syndrome" and innovate to drive real business results (versus as a novelty or gimmick) so your program has longevity and superiority to real-world training

Technologies/platforms/devices discussed:

  • Pixvana Spin Studio
  • Pixvana Spin Play
  • Oculus Go


Designers, developers, managers, senior leaders


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