Drawing on a wide range of experience delivering learning and support solutions globally, the team at Xprtise has launched a consulting firm focused on the analysis, design, and implementation of workplace learning solutions. The work will be aimed at solutions in the workflow—designing to address critical skills and knowledge at the moment of need.

“We saw that many companies were struggling with how to implement their informal learning programs, and this is our strength,” said Alfred Remmits, CEO at Xprtise.

Previous clients have benefited from the consultants’ “methodology first” approach, using a rigorous needs analysis to identify and prioritize the critical knowledge and skills needed to improve performance. By focusing on the application of knowledge, Xprtise’s solutions are most often delivered in the workflow, where they have the most impact.

“Too often, the learning solutions we build are not put in the context of the work,” said Remmits. “Learning and support assets need to be as close as possible to the moment when they are needed, on the job, in the workflow.”

In order to deliver the most effective, practice-based solutions, Xprtise has built partnerships with leading providers of research-based methodology (Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson of APPLY Synergies), adaptive learning (Drillster), and performance support (AskDelphi). Xprtise consistently draws from the collective experience of its consultants and partners to design the workflow-based solutions that will best address clients’ needs. Consultants are experienced in building learning programs that support the 70:20:10 model of workplace learning, as well as using the Five Moments of Need methodology to ensure learning and support is delivered in the right way, at the right time.

Xprtise is a sponsor and exhibitor at the FocusOn Learning 2016 Conference & Expo in Austin, Texas, which takes place June 8 – 10. During the conference, Xprtise will meet with current and prospective clients and showcase its solutions and partner technologies. Organizations looking to ensure a meaningful discussion with the consultants regarding learning opportunities are encouraged to schedule a block of time in advance.

About Xprtise

Xprtise is a consultancy focused on the analysis, design, and implementation of workplace learning solutions that deliver measurable performance improvement. Learn more at xprtise.com.